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Q   Can I see the diamonds in person?

A   No.

      However, every diamond is accompanied by a unique 360° video clip, as well as various photos.

      Also, always remember that we accept returns (see below).

Q   Is this rough diamond natural?

A   Yes.

      This rough diamond is 100% natural, untreated.

      The diamond is GENUINE, not man made.

Q   Is the color of the diamonds natural?

A   Yes.

      The color is 100% natural and not enhanced in any way.

Q   How is the color of the diamond determined?

A   The color of all our diamonds has been checked by the ZVI YEHUDA colorimeter.

      This colorimeter predicts white to yellow at about 1/2 color grade accuracy.

Q   Is the diamond shown on the photos and the video the actual diamond that I buy?

A   Yes.


      Photos are taken under normal light conditions.

      Appearance and color might slightly vary due to your screen and environment.

Q   Is the shipment free?

A   Yes.

      FedEx 3-day delivery shipping will be free.

      Taxes, duties and other local charges are the buyer's responsibility.

Q   When will the diamonds be shipped?

A   All items will be shipped within 3 business days of payment.

      The diamonds will be shipped fully secured and insured directly from our office in the diamond

      exchange center in New York.

Q   Can I buy from you if my shipping address is outside the USA?

A   Yes, but only upon special request. Please send us an email, or simply contact us here.

      The minimum amount for export is 5000 USD.

Q   What is the payment method?

A   We accept payments via PayPal with a confirmed address.

      A valid contact information is required.

Q   Is it possible to return the item?

A   It is possible to return the item within 30 days, and you will get a fully refund.

      No questions will be asked.

      Return handling and shipment costs will be at the buyer's expense.

Q   Do I get a KPC (Kimberley Process Certification)?

A   Yes.

      This applies only for export outside the USA.

       For local shipments, we can provide the original KPC upon request.

Q   What is the Kimberley Process and how does it work?

A   The Kimberley Process is an international initiative created to increase transparency in the                    diamonds industry in order to eliminate trade in conflict diamonds.

      A Kimberley Process Certification is required only for export.

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