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Is this rough diamond natural?

Yes. This rough diamond is 100% natural, untreated.

The diamond is genuine, not man made.

Is the color of the diamonds natural?

Yes. The color is 100% natural and not enhanced in any way.

How is the color of the diamond determined?

The color of all our diamonds has been checked by the Zvi Yehuda colorimeter.

This colorimeter predicts white to yellow at about 1/2 color grade accuracy.

What is the payment method?

We accept payments via PayPal with a confirmed address. A valid contact information is required.

Where are the diamonds located?

Our diamonds are located in our office in Antwerp - Belgium. 

Are the diamonds conflict-free? Do the diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme?

All of our diamonds comply with UN Kimberley regulations, and it is possible to review our            original certificates.  


Do you ship worldwide?

No, we ship only to the countries members of the European Union.

Will the shipment be free of charge?

Yes, the diamonds you order will be shipped fully secured from our office in Antwerp and the shipment will be completely free of charge.
Taxes, duties and other local charges are the buyer's responsibility.

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